Rick Reese is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

His innovative style is a unique blend of jazz improvisation, funk punctuation with driving energy of rock n' roll.

His efforts have been recognized by notable press including BILLBOARD, GUITAR MAGAZINE, MTV, and CNN just to name a few.

Rick is one of the most entertaining and engaging players out there, combining high energy with masterful technique, Rick puts his heart and soul in every performance, as recognized by Soundcheck Magazine during his 2015 Bonnaroo performance.



In 1989 Rick founding member of the Boston based band SPAMPARIS. SPAMPARIS was received well on college radio. By 1993 SPAMPARIS had been named a
semi-finalist in MUSICIAN MAGAZINE'S "Best Unsigned Band" competition and was dubbed one of the ten best unsigned bands in the city by BOSTON MAGAZINE'S "The Best of Boston" awards.

The following year, Rick left Boston for a woodsy life in New Hampshire and the pursuit of a more inventive, avant garde music style. SONIC JOYRIDE's 1995 debut received airplay on 180 college stations and gave them the opportunity to open concerts for Spin Doctors, Letters to Cleo, The Radiators, Ratt, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Sonic Joyride released four CDs on their own label Anomaly Records. (Sonic Joyride, Bazaar, Breathe, Behemoth)


Now Sonic Joyride was on their way to becoming one of the most truly independent bands in North America. With investors they were able to raise the capitol to compete in the market place with the big boys on a much smaller budget. With the ability hire the radio promoters, consultants, retail promoters, and publicists needed, Anomaly was in business and so was SONIC JOYRIDE.

Through hard work and ingenuity they developed one of the most creative and unconventional marketing strategies ever attempted by any band. At the heart of it was the Cosmic Sled, surely a future piece of indie rock folklore. The Cosmic Sled was SONIC JOYRIDE's one of a kind, custom welded tour bus.

With a retractable stage on the roof, a 10,000 watt "surround sound" sound system, giant rear projection video screens, a full lighting system, and a 16 track digital recording studio all powered by a self-contained generator, The Cosmic Sled had become one of the most recognized vehicles in America.

SONIC JOYRIDE launched an outrageous series of tours, named the "Bizarre Bazaar" tours after their second CD release Bazaar (ANO20001-2). SONIC JOYRIDE logged over 30,000 miles, 240 dates on a self-financed voyage to the American heartland, setting up and playing for locals at some of the country's most unusual landmarks - from the World's Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas to the World's Largest Bug outside Providence, RI. In fact SONIC JOYRIDE actually received the key to the city in Cawker City in a town wide ceremony, a gesture that has not been lost on Rick or any of the guys in the band.

This traveling medicine show captured people's imaginations an very quickly caught the attention of the national press including CNN and MTV, not to mention hundreds of news papers and dozens of TV stations from all parts country documenting their every move. Rather than sit home and complain about how hard it was to get the right deal and break through all the difficult aspects of the music industry, SONIC JOYRIDE just went out and played.

There was a relaxed, un-commercial vibe that people seemed to be hungry for. When the tour brought them to Los Angles they shot their first music video for the single "Baked". This mini epic incorporated a great deal of actual footage from the "Bizarre Bazaar Tours" and is a great time capsule of their adventure.



SONIC JOYRIDE toured extensively after that in more traditional ways, however the Cosmic Sled always found its way into the scene. In 2000 the band embarked on the Y2K tour (Yard Wired 2000) in support of the Release "Behemoth" (ANO20003 -2) This promotional tour used the momentum of the "Bizarre Bazaar" tours to create a valuable prize for radio stations across the country give away. Each station placed the band's single "Everything is Beautiful"

This was hugely successful and was quickly propelling SONIC JOYRIDE on the national stage and their single "Everything is Beautiful" up the rock radio charts. This promotion was the crown jewel in the marketing plan that was three years in the making and it all started with a school bus and a band who wanted to make a difference.

The Y2K tour was cut short in the Spring of 2001 when SONIC JOYRIDE's front man and Rick's longtime friend Chris Hobler was Diagnosed with ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Chris was no longer able to perform and Sonic Joyride was put on hold until a cure is found. Chris, never one to give up or take no for an answer, went on and founded ALS Hope, which became Hope Happens and is still thriving today. Hope Happens is a non profit foundation who’s mission is to raise money to fund worthy, progressive research, while simultaneously fostering public awareness of this unnoticed tragedy. Chris lost his battle against ALS on Wednesday, February 16, 2005, but his fight and legacy continues.

To learn more about Hope Happens click <here>


After spending almost 12 years with Chris in SPAMPARIS and SONIC JOYRIDE Rick relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida and reinvented himself. In the Spring 2002 and formed the band FOOD with Matt Fagan (Guitar and Vocals) and Phil Pressler (Drums).

FOOD was 180 degrees from his former life in the mainstream rock radio driven market place. Exploring the sounds of inspired recklessness, FOOD quickly became one of the most popular bands in Tampa Bay.

The sound of FOOD could be described as a progressive fusion of funk, jazz, and integrates many other musical styles including latin, country, and even hard rock. The term "jam band" may come up, but these guys certainly distinguish themselves with an edgier, fearless attitude and a Zappa-esque sense of humor. FOOD performed with The Neville Brothers, Deep Banana Blackout, G Love and Special Sauce, Galactic, Donna the Buffalo, Jazz is Dead and many more.

In addition to performing through out Florida Rick also jumped in to his community. He was the Music director and instructor for Creative Clay. Creative Clay's mission was to provide people with developmental, physical and emotional challenges a place to experience all aspects of the art world. Our classes include instruction in the creative process and experiences with various art mediums taught by local artists. This allows an improved quality of life enhanced through style and imagination.

Rick developed a musical curriculum that allows thestudents to express themselves artistically while learning some abstract concepts of music theory and performance. In addition to studio instruction Rick takes the students around the city and performs for the community.

To learn more about Creative Clay
please click <here>

Ricks time St. Petersburg, FL was full of musical exploration. In addition to playing with FOOD, Rick, along with FOOD members, Phill Pressler (drums), Rob Dedios (sax), Brian Ransom (Flugel Horn) joined Reggie Dockens (guitar) to form the fusion band the AUGUST COLLECTIVE. The AUGUST COLLECTIVE known for marathon jams sometimes lasting up to 20 minutes, where all the guys got to stretch out and contribute the musical conversation. The time Rick spent in FOOD and the AUGUST COLLECTIVE was critical in his development as a musican and a member of an improvisational ensemble.


In 2007 Rick moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he once again began to explore his own identity. After spending almost 20 years playing original music, spending the majority of his time in the independent world, rick developed his marketing skills, graphic arts, video editing, music production and the emerging frontier of socialmedia. During this time Rick wrote and recorded is only solo album 'Grey Matters'

While in Tennessee Rick began the role of side man. A concept and function he had never had to play. It was then Rick sharpened his ear and learned to play with just about anyone. It was out of necessity, while most players grow up in cover bands, rick did not play in one until he was in his 30’s. He adapted his style to these situations, not playing these songs for years, his inexperienced resulted in a new take on the material. He treated them as if he was writing the bass parts and the result was fresh.



In 2009, Rick joined the Nashville based John Sutton Band. After many years since Sonic Joyride and the Band FOOD, Rick has found himself in another high energy trio. JSB music is influenced by people with soul and groove, old and new. Al Green, Mofro, Otis, Soulive, G Love, James Brown, Subdudes, Jack Johnson, Gov’t Mule, Big Head Todd, for example and the list goes on. “We are true fans of Soulful music!!!” states Sutton. “We are all about getting the crowd fired up and involved in the show. The music performed in our shows is all designed to get folks dancing, singing, and having a great time.” Rick recorded two Albums with the John Sutton Band (Swoon) and (The World).

To quote a review in The Nashville Underground Music Scene, “Three guys who moved to Nashville to be apart of a thriving music scene that they are rarely part of due to their excessive road schedule. Their performances are fun, exciting, and full of great playing.”

In 2013 Rick left the John Sutton Band and Nashville for East Tennessee to join the Knoxville, Tn based band HOMEMADE WINE.



The band Homemade Wine was fermented, cured, blended and seasoned into a 150 proof explosion that has spread their blend of jam infused Southern Rock from the Florida Keys to the Pacific Northwest hitting practically every roadhouse, club, festival and music venue in between.

Band leader Ryan Sheley’s "fire and brimstone" styled delivery, coupled with Andy Wescott's lighting fast guitar licks, Tod Sheley and Brad Williams’s heavy percussion groove and Rick’s New Orleans infused bass lines can take you from the backwoods of East Tennessee to the shores of Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain in no time at all.

While with HOMEMADE WINE, Rick and the band played over 200 shows per year, while spending the majority of 2014 crafting their celebrated album 'The Road to House Mountain'. Billboard described HOMEMADE WINE's sound as something like the Allman Brothers Band if it had been born in the 21st century, this six-member Southern rock band has the look and feel of an outfit that is almost perpetually on tour: tight musicianship, deftly constructed solos, and the ease that comes only from hanging around with the same group of people for long periods of time.

in June of 2015 HOMEMADE WINE played the prestigious BONNAROO Festival.

Unfortunately after spending 3 years with HOMEMADE WINE it disbanded in late 2015,


Rick was the bassist for Riverbend Reunion,
based out Nashville, TN.
Riverbend Reunion has a classic, gritty in your face sound with a southern rock core featuring elements of the psychedelic, the band revels in their live performances that include plenty of improvisation and extended jams. They join a genre pioneered by bands like The Allman Brothers, Rare Earth, The James Gang, The Grateful Dead, and Widespead Panic.

Riverbend Reunion is respected by fellow musicians and beloved by an ever expanding and inspired fan base. The band reunites long time friends, seasoned through their journeys with previous bands in the jam band scene, into one super group. John Smith (vocals/guitar), Stuart Montez (guitar/vocals), Rick Reese (bass),


and Brandon Buck (drums), bring their extensive experience on and off the stage into one group of road warriors far beyond their home town of Nashville, TN.

By blending infectious grooves and passionate improvisation into thoughtfully crafted songs, Riverbend Reunion’s chemistry and dedication is obvious. Riverbend Reunion enjoyed several tours out west and southeast. Not even the fire that totaly destroyed their RV and trailer along with most of their gear on December 31, 2017 would keep off the road. With the help of the musicial community, of bands, friends and fans, Riverbend Reunion were back on their feet and rolling again with new and borrowed gear!



The Pandemic had a toll on the touring and live show experience that was the bread and butter of most bands. Riverbend Reunion was no different, without touring income RBR had take some indefinate time off. The band never "disbanded" the Riverbend Reunion REUNION is always a tempting treat.


During the PANDEMIC years of lock down and lack of live show opportunities, Rick joined forces with vocalists and guitarist Stephen Blackburn, and drummer and lyricistJB Hopkins to write some songs remotely.Stephen and JB had been longtime friends and band mates since the 80's, in fact the took their Athens GA based band THE SURF all the way to STAR SEARCH finals in Hollywood California!

The PUZZLETRUCK, another power trio, sound evolved as the boys learned each others styles and a chemistry quickly developed. Rick enjoys a freedom in the arranging and creation of the bass lines, a writing style that is very reminiscent of Sonic Joyride.

Alternatively Progressive Story Rock, where the lyrics craft a story that the music attempts to create the environment where it lives. Thoughtful compositions that also provide for exciting moments of improvisations during the live show.

The process was fruitful and by the time theworld began to return to normal, PUZZLETRUCK had 3 EP's recorded and poised to hit the road.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website, and hope to see out on the road!



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